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Titan Locksmiths offers a high standard of service for commercial clients when it comes to securing their premises from intruders like vandals and thieves. We understand how vital it is to feel secure about your property at all times, whether it’s a retail centre, warehouse or factory. Key control is an important security concern for many businesses, especially if you don’t know who has a key to your business. Stop worrying about disgruntled employees who would have unauthorised access. A restricted key system can prevent unauthorized key duplication while a master key system helps you control access to areas inside your building.

How Titan Locksmiths Can Help Your Business

Titan Locksmiths can design high-security key systems and advise you on how to set up key control policies and procedures, including key management software. Key control is an important security concern for many businesses, especially when you don’t know who exactly has a key, if it’s been copied, misplaced or even stolen. Our technicians will conduct whatever service you require, including site surveys for lock installation, BCA and fire regulation inspections, helping clients gain access when they’ve been locked out and more.

Restricted Key Systems

A restricted key system can only be installed and registered by a locksmith company. Restricted cylinders can be installed and come with keys that are stamped with a unique system number. In this way, general key cutters and other locksmiths cannot duplicate restricted keys that are registered to another locksmith. The registered locksmith can only issue keys additional keys by authority of authorized persons(s). A key register allows you to record who has what key and notify the owner about lost or stolen keys.

Master Key Systems

A master key system is a restricted system with an added layer of key control that segments physical access within the system. For example; each lock can be operated by one key that will not work with any other lock in the system, but all locks can be operated by a master key.

A Supplier of Lockwood® and Assa Abloy® Products

We’re a proud supplier of Lockwood and Assa Abloy locks, ensuring that our commercial locksmith clients only get the most high-quality security products.

The Abloy Protec2™

This hybrid electromechanical lock uses a restricted key system that blends a physical key and an electronic lock, providing a higher level of security and removing the common threat of key duplication. Our technicians can easily reprogram the lock without having to remove it and provide continuous maintenance support once it’s installed. While many vendors market their locks as high-security, only those that have an appropriate security rating are the ones that deserve your consideration. Trust in our expertise and get the best locks for your business today.

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