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Famous for the ancient bathing boxes, a row of distinctly recognisable wooden huts lining the Brighton Beach, the suburb of Brighton remains by far the most attractive in Melbourne. Built well over a century ago, the bathing boxes remain unchanged and untainted portraying the rich culture of the people of Brighton. They are simply a classic and make Brighton an iconic beachside, with their timber frames, corrugated iron roof as well as weatherboards. These sheds, originally acting as women’s changing sheds, simply remain to be an ongoing piece of history.

Titan Locksmiths seek to be a part of this iconic suburb by offering expert locksmith services. With the heavy presence experienced in the various seasons as tourists and locals flood this historic beachside, the serenity of the area is more often than not disrupted. This necessitates the need to have security measures that will ensure that your business, residence or vehicle is secured at all times.

Titan Locksmiths seeks to provide relevant and top-notch security services while at the same time remaining affordable and pertinent. We continually are in touch with the changing technological trends in the security industry thereby upgrading our systems continually. As trends change, we advise our customers on any upgrades and changes they might need to implement.

At Titan Locksmiths, our 24-hour seven-days-a-week services include but are not limited to: digital access control systems, provision of door hardware and locks as well as installation, fingerprint recognising systems, repairs and updating lock systems in case of break-ins or wear and tear, as well as replacement of keys and reinforcement of security systems. You can count on our Brighton and Elwood Locksmith team to also offer emergency services should you accidentally lock yourself out or lock in your car keys.

Our mobile warehouse is fully equipped to ensure that all your needs are attended to at once and our professional and friendly staff will ensure that all your needs are met before they leave. Should you require our bespoke services, do not hesitate to contact us on 1800 198 885 and we will be sure to help you out, be it day or night.

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