Restricted Master Key Systems Melbourne

Restricted master key systems are designed and installed to obtain a higher security for your business premises or home, restricted keys can only be ordered by the authorised signitory of the registered key system through the locksmith who designed and installed the restricted key system. This creates full key control on the key system for clients that require the importance of authorised person(s) to order restricted type keys.

Restricted key types and variants depend on the security level required for that particular business or building. This process is worked out through a risk assesment of the business and what level of security that particular business requires.

Mechanical restricted key systems generally have 3 different security levels:

High Security: 
Suitable for: Government, Commercial high security buildings, Banks, High end retail, Public places, Industrial, Transportation logistics, Critical infrastructure, Warehousing, Healthcare and more.

Medium Level Security: 
Suitable for: Apartment buildings, Schools, Commercial business or buildings, Warehousing, Corporate office, Retail stores and more.

Low Level Security: 
Suitable for: Small commercial businesses, Retail, Residential homes and more.

Titan Locksmiths & Access Security specialises in restricted key system installations offering a wide range of restricted key systems including: ABLOY PROTEC2, Lockwood GEN6T, Series 6, Sigma X, MLAA LS Series, MLAA Binary Plus and J.Larsen OZ restricted profiles. These key system types will cover any type of business or building mechanical security requirement.

For our existing restricted key system clients, please download our restricted key order form here.